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Family Immigration

The US immigration system is one of the most complex in the world. There are several forms of legalization, one through the family. The GARDINILAW has vast knowledge in this field and can help you with valuable information on how to obtain legal documentation based on marriage, relationships parent / child and brother / sister.

Civil Disputes
Civil Disputes
Abuse of civil rights

Police departments across the country are involved in civil rights abuses, more and more often in recent years. If you or someone of your knowledge is subjected to unfair treatment, illegal detention or any other form of abuse of an official, you hire a law firm that is on your side and you know how to get justice is required.

Real Estate
Real Estate
Need help for real estate

Our lawyers are instructed experts to the deal that brings all facets of real estate. Lenders, borrowers, owners, brokers, investors, retailers, tenants and brokers. We are familiar with current market standards and possess knowledge of various sectors such segment. We are conversant with current marketplace standards. 

Stop before it causes a big trouble

For those involved in a car accident, one of the main priorities is to report the matter to the insurer. This will cause the company starts investigating who is to blame for the accident and consequently pay for damages. At first, remain cautious is essential, as it will be up to the company to determine what should be done later.

Most Trusted Firm with successful cases

Our attorneys personally assess your case and make recommendations catered to you. We build strong, relationships with our clientes and do everything we can to support them.



I’m a U.S. citizen. My spouse entered the U.S. without inspection. Can my spouse get a green card inside the U.S.?
I’m a U.S. citizen. My spouse entered the U.S. without inspection. Since my spouse isn’t “grandfathered”, what are our options?
If I exit the U.S. and apply for a waiver to be permitted to return to the U.S., how long will I have to wait outside the U.S.?
I have ten years or more in the U.S. so do I qualify for a green card?

Recent Testimonial

A family of five people received their “Green Card” last week. They’re super grateful. Were appointed by me. I would like to thank Attorney Mr. Ludo Gardini and all staff for their sincerity and competence. Congratulations to all.

Odethe Aragoso

Mr. Gardini, I was extremely satisfied with your services throughout the entire process. Your professionalism and attentiveness was very calming. You always answered my questions thoroughly and with a lot of knowledge. Thank you so much for your outstanding work.  

Maria Garcia


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Ludovino Gardini
Managing Attorney

Ludovino “Ludo” Perez Gardini is an experienced attorney who specializes in immigration & naturalization law across the country. Gardini...

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Amanda C Ramos
Senior Paralegal

Amanda Ramos is originally from Brazil and resides in Boston. She is currently attending Web Development at Bunker Hill- Charlestown

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Paula Da Silva Xavier
Immigration Paralegal

Paula Da Silva Xavier is From Criciuma, SC,Brazil, came to the USA in 2002, went to high school and...

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Rebecca Almeida Tenorio
Secretary/Front Desk

Rebecca Almeida Tenorio is currently finishing her degree in Legal Studies and getting a certificate for Paralegal and see...

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