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The US immigration system is one of the most complex in the world. There are several forms of legalization, one through the family. The GARDINILAW has vast knowledge in this field and can help you with valuable information on how to obtain legal documentation based on marriage, relationships parent / child relationships and brother / sister.

How to get a green card through a family member?

You can apply for green card “through a familiar direct member in case of marriage to a (a) citizen (a) American (a), the process is relatively fast, while the other family possibilities. – Father to son, brother / sister – can take years of waiting.  

People who qualify as immediate relatives of US citizens:

  • spouses
  • Minor unmarried children 21 years of age
  • Parents of US citizens if they are over 21 years old

Green Card through special categories of family

  • If a child or spouse is abused by a US citizen
  • If a widow of a US citizen
  • The son of a foreign diplomat in the United States

Fiance visas

Couples planning to settle in the US, have several migration options. One is the fiance visa (a), which allows non-citizens to enter the country on a temporary basis, to marry within 90 days, and then stay in the country while applying for a green card.


Popularly known as “ten-year law” in the process, the undocumented must prove that their American residents or family will suffer an extreme hardship, above normal and what is not common, to make your defense to deportation.

An example can illustrate well how this kind of benefit: an undocumented living in the country during this period is arrested for driving without a license. Immigration opens a case against the immigrant, who would have the right to make your defense not only to avoid deportation, but also to legalize through the need to keep the family together on American soil.

Many people get confused whereas, because they are in the country for so long, with children in schools, etc., could guarantee the benefit. The “ten-year law” is simply a defense to deportation, that is, the process would need to be filed against the undocumented to only then be worked your chance to legalization.

What is the process of applying for a green card through a family member?

Obtaining permanent residence involves presenting a combination of some forms. Although they may seem simple, there are several important details not included in the instructions that may affect your immigration case. So it is important to have the support of an office with extensive knowledge in this segment, so that everything occurs within legal parameters and thus getting your document to occur properly.

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