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We pride ourselves on providing superior service to our customers and to fully exceed their expectations. Partnering with clients in the law business is not just a joke about customer service, it is embedded in our culture and our customer service model. We build strong and loyal relationships with our customers, true partnerships. Sharing our collective success and creating deep and lasting relationships, we do everything possible to support them.

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The US immigration system is one of the most complex in the world. The GARDINILAW has vast knowledge in this field and can help you with valuable information on how to obtain legal documentation.

Dog Bites

Dog bites should be taken seriously. An attack by a dog can result in physical and emotional scarring, and injuries that stay with you for the rest of your life. We’re committed to fighting for the rights of dog bite victims in Massachusetts.

Auto accident

For those involved in a car accident, one of the main priorities is to report the matter to the insurer. This will cause the company to start investigating who is to blame for the accident and consequently pay for damages.

Worker's Compensation

Massachusetts workers who are injured or sick as a result of an accident or incident occurring within the course and within the scope of employment are eligible for benefits, GARDINILAW is committed to fighting on behalf of injured workers.

Personal Injury

If you have been the victim of a personal injury accident in Massachusetts, you need to know your rights and what kind of settlement you may be entitled to. The GARDINILAW has vast knowledge to help you.

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A family of five people received their “Green Card” last week. They’re super grateful. Were appointed by me. I would like to thank Attorney Mr. Ludo Gardini and all staff for their sincerity and competence. Congratulations to all.
Odethe Aragoso
Os serviços prestado pelo escritório da Perez Gardini são de altíssimo nível . Desde a primeira consulta com o Dr Ludo Gardini já tive como comprovar a seriedade do trabalho e atenção aos detalhes . O dr Luciano Park faz um trabalho fantástico e todo o time do escritório trabalham duro nos casos e sempre estavam disponíveis pra nos atender . Recomendo sempre !
Weslei Santos
When I called the law offices of Gardini, Danyela was extremely helpful, she was prompt to help, quick to respond and made this experience much easier to deal with. Thank you very much.
Jehozadak Pereira
Mr. Gardini, I was extremely satisfied with your services throughout the entire process. Your professionalism and attentiveness was very calming. You always answered my questions thoroughly and with a lot of knowledge. Thank you so much for your outstanding work.

Maria Garcia


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